Asset Protection & Business Liability

Your dedicated team of insurance professionals at Simpson | McCrady will work with you to create individual solutions designed to protect your business assets and reduce the potential losses associated with your operations.  We will analyze how your business operates today, and how you plan to operate tomorrow, to assist you in identifying the aspects of your operations that pose the greatest threat. With this analysis, we can propose an overall risk management plan to protect both  today and tomorrow.  Through objective analysis, we will guide you through the evaluation of options available including mitigation, avoidance, retention or risk transfer to address those risks.

We recognize that all customers are different and that all customers’ needs vary.  One of our first goals is to meet to discuss your concerns so together we can structure a program specific to your unique needs that will evolve as your business evolves.

These are just some of the areas we suggest you consider for review during the strategic planning process.

●​Property listings and values for accuracy and adequacy to avoid unintentional self-insurance or retention.

●​Leases, contracts and service agreements that may contain risk transfer or insurance requirement provisions.

●​Loss of income you may suffer in the event of a major loss to your property or that of your major supplier, primary customer, or utility. This would include identification of specific areas of your operation that, if damaged or destroyed, would pose the greatest risk to your ability to provide your product or service.

●​Automobile exposures including personal use of company vehicles, employees’ business use of personally owned autos, lease and rental exposures, and transportation of property or hazardous materials.

●​Safety standards and training programs currently in place to promote a safe environment for employees and visitors.

Current insurance policies for analysis of coverage for potential gaps or possible enhancements.