Client Management & Advocacy

Providing claim management services is a priority at Simpson | McCrady and claim handling dedication and capabilities are an important part of our decision-making process when choosing vendor and insurance carrier partners.

With the exception of workers’ compensation, we encourage our customers to report all claims through our claim management specialists.  The same claim specialist will assist you with both Business and Personal claims applying consistent Simpson | McCrady principles.

●​24 hour availability

●​Assistance with the initial reporting process

●​Serve as a liaison between you and the insurance company

●​Assist with vendor or attorney selection

●​Act as your advocate on disputes, issues or problems

●​Monitor and track for periodic status to ensure timely and effective responses

●​Tracking until the claim is closed



Claim management is a key component in every risk management program.  Simpson | McCrady’s claim management specialists in conjunction with vendor and insurance carrier partners can provide various means of support in your risk management strategy to reduce the costs associated with claims.

●​Periodic loss reports

●​Tracking for periodic status reports on significant or long term claims

●​Periodic claim reviews

●​Review and analysis of historical loss data to provide information in a manner in which to best identify trends or activities that could lead to losses to support the possible reduction or elimination of future claims

●​Sample claim management policies and procedures

●​Sample accident report forms and questionnaires

●​Training and education for employees

●​Assist with the set up or revision of doctor panels

●​Return to work program information

●​Sample documents for use in employee wellness programs

●​Complex claim consulting

●​Evaluate claim handling performance of TPA or service contractors when applicable

●​Unit Stat reviews and verification in preparation for experience modifier calculations

●​Loss tracking under large deductible or loss sensitive programs