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A lot of time and effort goes into making a house your home. Let us help you protect that vision. Whether you are looking to insure your primary, secondary or seasonal home, we pride ourselves in providing premier risk management solutions and securing comprehensive coverage on your behalf. Our risk management advisors will work endlessly to make sure you receive personalized solutions that fit your needs. We provide ongoing education to our clients so they better understand the emerging risks and solutions available to them to make smart choices in how to avoid or transfer risk exposures.

Items to consider:

  • Proper listing of Trusts/LLCs for all owned properties and assets.
  • Preventative measures that can be taken to protect your home from wind, flooding, wildfires, extreme cold snaps causing burst pipes, plumbing leaks, etc.
  • Wind coverage in high risk coastal areas.
  • Discussing your children’s insurance needs as they move out of the home to attend school or transition out on their own where additional risk management and insurance would be needed.
  • Working through home renovations with risk management tips and staying properly insured.
  • Video inventory of contents.

Some key coverages we offer are:

  • Extended Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Cash Out/Walk Away Option
  • Mine Subsidence Coverage
  • Back-up of Sewers and Drains Coverage
  • Rebuilding to Code Coverage
  • Temporary Living Expenses
  • Mold Remediation Coverage
  • Identity Theft Coverage
  • Optional Flood Coverage
  • Optional Earthquake Coverage
  • Optional Cyber Coverage

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