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Inland Marine

Inland Marine, or Commercial Inland Marine, are terms used to describe insurance coverage for property in transit or at a location not listed on a traditional property policy. This type of coverage was developed at a time when many insurance policies were geared towards covering cargo and equipment being shipped across the ocean.

Ocean marine insurance policies were created to cover property and cargo aboard ships during the voyage across the ocean.

Inland marine insurance policies were created to cover the property and equipment while these items were being transported from the dock to the final shipping destination. This would cover items being transported “inland”.

inland marine

In the modern insurance industry, inland marine coverage is typically used to cover cargo and equipment while it is being transported (ex: by truck or train) or while it is being stored or kept at a location not covered under a traditional property policy.

Types of Inland Marine Coverage:

  • Coverage for contractor’s equipment, heavy equipment, and tools at a construction site
  • Coverage for mobile communication equipment (ex: broadcasting truck with electronic equipment)
  • Coverage for medical equipment (ex: computer related equipment, medical devices, and tools at hospitals and doctors offices)
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Railroad rolling stock
  • Tank storage
  • Coverage for forklifts, tractors, and other vehicles used at multiple locations
  • Items not owned by an organization but in the organization’s care, custody, and control
  • Coverage for furs, clothes, jewelry, or valuables under either a personal insurance policy or a commercial insurance policy

inland marine

We work with a number of insurance carriers who write inland marine coverage on both the personal lines side and commercial side. These can be written on a standalone basis or as part of an overall package with other lines of property and liability coverage.

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