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Additional Personal Insurance Services

We are always trying to improve the way that we operate to make our clients’ lives easier. We also prefer to meet in person when we begin working together. We are happy to meet with you at our office, your home or a local coffee shop. There are benefits in meeting at your home where we can point out additional personal insurance services that we should offer based on the home’s characteristics and contents with a brief walk through.

Additional areas where we may be able to direct you:

Risk management services:

  • Appraisal services for jewelry, fine arts, miscellaneous collectibles, sports memorabilia, etc.
  • Car repair and glass replacement shops
  • Loss prevention inspections
  • Lifestyle vulnerability and security consultations
  • Enhanced security system installations
  • Video inventory of all contents
  • Review of rental lease agreements
  • Financial advisors
  • Estate attorneys

additional personal insurance services

Information About Additional Personal Insurance Services:

We strive to provide above and beyond service for our affluent clients. To assist from a risk management standpoint, our newsletters highlight some of the insurance and risk management options to bring awareness into the marketplace. For more information, please check out our News & Insights sections to read our most recent posts and to look through the archives for previous newsletters.

Red Flags that may suggest that your insurance package should be reviewed:

When was the last time that you had a thorough risk assessment review for your lifestyle including owned or rented locations, vehicles, recreational vehicles, entertaining, travel and self-insurance thresholds? If you haven’t had a thorough review in a few years, let us take a look to see what we would suggest.

Do you have liability limits adequate to cover your net worth? Do you have excess liability in place?

We look at your family’s insurance and special insurance services from a holistic approach to make sure that you are all properly covered – no matter what stage of life.


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