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Our Approach: Your Plan, your mind at ease

Creating your Risk Management and Insurance Program starts with a good foundation.

Our relationship with our clients is the most important aspect of our firm’s operations. We want you to experience what it means to be a Simpson|McCrady client. We are based and operate out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but we care for clients, businesses, and family offices across the US and across the world. We like to meet our clients in person and get to know them. We look at your risk management and insurance program from the ground up to understand what you need and how we can help.

Our process goes through multiple phases to make sure we have a deep understanding of what is needed: preliminary risk review of your existing program, gathering data, completing a full risk analysis, discussing risk avoidance and risk transfer methods, initiating your newly formed risk strategy, introducing you to your dedicated team at Simpson|McCrady, and monitoring for shifts in risk once the program is implemented.

Should you experience a loss, we have a dedicated claims team in our office to help you through the repair and remediation process. If a significant life event occurs or a significant business shift takes place, we are here to recalibrate your insurance and risk management plan to keep pace.

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Our Service is Tailored to Our Client’s Needs

Every client is different when it comes to what their comfort level is for risk retention and risk transfer. We work with every individual client to gain an understanding of what is important to them when it comes to their personal or commercial risks. With this information, we can tailor a program around those needs with various risk management or risk mitigation tactics and insurance plans that achieve the client’s goals.

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